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6 Best Jump Muay Thai Ropes 2020-Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

muay thai ropes

Muay Thai or “Thai Boxing” is a favorite combat sport of Thailand widespread across the globe. Just like any other boxing sport, Muay Thai involves an excellent impact on the body; therefore, overall physicality and endurance need to be boosted to deliver the best performance. 

There are so many ways to improve muscle strength; however, jump rope skipping is one non-gym exercise that you just can’t ignore. It enhances the hand and eye coordination of the body. This is why the Muay Thai ropes are commonly found in the fitness accessory kit of professionals.

When it comes to selecting the right Muay Thai ropes, you can have plenty of options.  It can be complicated especially for those novices of Muay Thai. There are myriad factors that you need to mull over before you make the final call. 

But, you don’t have to break the sweat, as today, in this article, we’ve rounded up top-rated Muay Thai ropes, by providing a quick overview which includes advantages and shortcomings. 

Plus, we’ll also educate you with the tips you need to consider when shopping for a Muay Thai rope. So, without wasting time, let’s get on:

Top Jump Muay Thai Ropes – Reviews

1. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope Blazing Fast Jumping Ropes

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Lightweight, this Muay Thai rope not only provides a pretty stable rope swing but helps the player to recover from an inaccurate swing easily-peasy quickly. You can easily change the speed of this jump rope with a quick snip of wire cutting.

This jump rope is designed for a last and last swing so that you enjoy a tough workout. It also comes with a 100% lifetime limited warranty. The nylon resin handles ensure swinging without hurting your hands. 

The nylon carrying bag offered by the WOD Nation let fitness freaks to tag along this Thai rope everywhere, without getting tangled.


  • Sturdy and comfortable handles
  • Affordable price
  • Durable coated rope


  • The screws sometimes get loosened

2. Survival and Cross Jump Rope – Boxing MMA Fitness Training

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The Survival and Cross jump rope is specifically designed for speed, because of its lightweight and comfortable handles and right-angle ball bearing construction. 

This Thai jump rope kit does come with an additional cable but includes extra hardware, plenty of online manuals & ebooks along with a cool carrying bag. 

The cable of this Muay Thai rope is ten feet long, while the handles are feet in length, both are adequate for professional skipping experience. The rope is well-balanced and durable for people of diverse age groups.


  • Excellent ball bearing system
  • Study design
  • Designed for both professional and novice


  • Handles are too short
  • History of breaking handles

3. Jump Rope Ideal for Taking Your Workout to the Next Level

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This Thai jump rope comes with a number of extras that come for both the professionals and those who have just started working out to achieve their weight loss goals. 

Unlike the survival and cross jump rope, this rope has an extra cable and extra attachments and a carrying bag. Plus, you get a free ebook titled “The Secret to Mastering Double Unders” for people trying jump rope for the first time. 

The length of this Thair rope is ten feet in length and has a PVC sleeve coating for extra durability. The six inches length cables feature comfortable foam grips for long and tiring workout sessions. And, not to mention, it has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Durable, long-coated cable
  • Comfortable handles
  • A lot of extra


  • The screws over time get loosened

Where to buy it:

4. EliteSRS Elite Surge 2.0 Premium Double Under Cable Speed Jump Rope

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This Thai jump rope features new and improved handles that makes skipping experience fast and smooth. The cable length of this rope can easily be customized to the individual user with the help of its convenient screw system. 

Whether you are doing singles or double under, this jump rope is ideally suited for people into professional Thai boxing. The ultra-lightweight aluminum handles ensure six to seven spin jumps in a second. 

The biggest advantage of this Thai jump rope is the excellent ball bearing system that appropriately distributed the load applied for a perfect swing.


  • Comfortable grip handles
  • Provides incredible balanced feel
  • Extra cable length


  • Wears quickly

5. Elite Surge CrossFit

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With two bearings, each on you machine-cut, high-grade anodized aluminum handle, this Thai rope is specially designed for athletes. Made in the USA, this jump rope is perfect for both indoor and outdoor workout. As you spin the cable, you’ll experience incredible balance. 

This rope was widely used at the 2015 National and World Championship of Jump Rope. The PVC coated cable does not wear out quickly, thus making it a durable accessory to have in your fitness backpack. 

The ball bearings efficiently distribute the axial load. It ensures six to seven jumps in a second.


  •  Two bearing system
  •  Six cable types
  • Adjustable screw/collar
  •  Light aluminum handles


  •  Finding the right fit for the bearings
  •  The grip may be small

6.  P2 Sports & Fitness Jump Rope 

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Another product in the range of top-selling Muay Thai ropes, this jump rope has an adjustable, which can easily be adjusted according to men, women, and teens’ requirements. 

This best jump rope for double under provides lightning-fast swing. It also has a 100% premium warranty and replaceable accessories. 

Take this jump rope to the ditch for a dull, clustered ambiance gym session for an open-air workout while observing the magical beauty of nature during the early hours of the day. It features a ten feet length cable that can be customized.


  • 100% lifetime guarantee on parts
  • Adjustable cable length
  • Super-fasting swing
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Handles not flexible

Jump Muay Thai Ropes Buying Guide

Similarly, as with any fitness or gym training, jumping rope too requests the ideal hardware for optimum performance. 

Picking the correct materials, not just gets you off to the best beginning, it also prevents workout injuries. The rope jumping is perhaps the most secure exercise there is, with regards to injury measurements.

Contrasted with running, Muay Thai Ropes puts less weight on joints when done accurately, and it drives you to keep an upstanding stance. Before you get started, there are several things you must take into account to make the right decision.

Rope size

How about we start at the most fundamental aspect of Muay Thai ropes: it’s your rope length. The rope handle should come up to pretty much under your armpit, straight up to the areola territory. 

The link should reach to the highest point of the chest, barring the handles. Another great, dependable guideline is that the rope ought to be three feet taller than you are, so in the event that you are 6’3″ at that point, your rope ought to be about 9’3″.

Muay Thai Ropes materials

The materials of Muay Thai rope are divided into five types


Leather jump ropes are mainstream for their wooden handles and quietness. The rope is thicker, which brings about small tangling. Leather can be more expensive than different choices on account of its toughness. 

You can utilize leather ropes inside, outside, and on a surface. These jump ropes can be a decent decision for a novice; however jumpers of any aptitude level can utilize them.


If you want to stay fit and healthy without burning a hole in your pocket, then cloth ropes are a decent choice. They are lightweight, no additional burden in your shoulder. Cloth jump ropes are, for the most part, utilized inside, as they don’t charge well on harsh surfaces.


The motivation behind a speed jump rope is there in the name. These  ropes are lightweight and made to be quick. They’re made of a slender vinyl line and are best utilized inside to prevent wear and tear on rough surfaces. 


Weighted jump ropes give your arms an exercise yet can help fortify your shoulders, as well. The additional weight requires more effort and vitality. Additionally, the additional obstruction produces more power for your shoulders to control while pivoting the rope. Commonly, loads range from one to six pounds. These are mostly favored by professional jumpers, however novices can utilize them, as well. These ropes are a piece slower than speed ropes, so new jumpers can concentrate on timing and learning appropriate structures.


Beaded ropes, otherwise called divided jump ropes, can be utilized by amateurs. Nonetheless, they’re exceptionally connected with rhythmic jumping competition because of noise. These have an internal nylon string that is covered up by heads, thus the name. 

While the rope isn’t substantial, the dabs do add some weight to the exercise and help forestall tangling. It can be utilized both inside and outside.

Handle Length & Weight

The heaviness of the jump rope handles relies on the objectives you plan to accomplish.

  • Lightweight handles are ideal for double under
  • Medium handles are suggested for the learners and free-form skipping stunts.
  • Thicker handles are an ideal go-to decision for fighters and blended combative techniques warriors.
  • Weighted handles are useful for arm exercises, endurance-building activities, and adaptability preparation. A light rope has a poor snap.

And, most importantly, go with a Thai jump rope that provides you the flexibility to adjust the handle length.

Adjustable design

Can the cable length be increased or cut short? Is there an option for customizing the length of handles anytime? So, it is essential to go with an adjustable design Muay Thai rope to save yourself from a lot of headaches later on.


Above all the tips, you need the final call based on your needs, if you are a professional fitness, then you require a Muay Thai rope with advanced adjustment features — which can be costly — otherwise, any fitness can go with a basic jumping rope.

I hope that the buying guide selecting the right Muay Thai rope helped you share your views in the comment section of this blog post.