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An Essential Guide to 8 Twins Muay Thai Equipment

twins muay thai

Muay Thai has been a rising martial art form of combat sports that is being followed by Muay Thai practitioners all around the world. These experts who hunt for Muay Thai gears face a lot of difficulty in finding the best brand that can offer them overall equipment for Muay Thai. It is evident when we find some brands making a big name in the market for their quality. One needs to get proper gears for Muay Thai to protect themselves from any potential injuries, or, to get suitable gears for maximum efficiency in training. Thus, the Twins Muay Thai range of products is the ultimate dream come true of all the Muay Thai practitioners. 

Twins Special is a brand popular among the enthusiasts and specialists who train in Muay Thai. One can get their dream list of products with premium quality and performance all together under one brand. Twins Special has been in the scene for over 25 years. All their products come right from Thailand, the boiling pot of Muay Thai fighters. From shin guards to gloves, everything comes from Thailand, which is made with premium-quality material tested by Muay Thai fighters in Thailand. Let us delve into the massive range of products offered by Twins. 

Top 8 Twins Muay Thai Reviews

Twins Special offers its premium quality Muay Thai gear that are further available in different styles. Here we will look over some of the products they offer-

1. Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro-

This 100% genuine leather-clad product is a pair of high-performance boxing gloves. The boxing gloves are available in different sizes- 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, and 18 oz, depending on what suits your requirements the best. The Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves can be secured by a velcro strap at the wrist of the gloves, for a firm grip and easy utility, that is, it can be quickly taken off. 

It is said that the 12 oz and 14 oz and 16 oz Twins Muay Thai gloves are best for training while the 8 oz and 10 oz gloves are best suited for professional fights or international matches/bouts. 6 oz is very suitable for children. 18 oz should be restricted to the heavyweight Muay Thai practitioners as well as for a good work out. The good thing about this product is that it has a lot of extra padding suitable for a combat sport like Muay Thai. 


  • The Velcro makes it easier to utilize and take off as well as gives a very secure fit.
  • The product comes from Thailand.
  • It is made with 100% genuine leather.


  • The size is an issue. People sometimes feel uncomfortable as their fingers protrude up the top of the fingers in the glove. 

Price- $79.05- $96.95

Where to buy- get your Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves here

2. Twins Special Ankle Guard Support Protector

Ankle supports are crucial in a combat sport like Muay Thai to overcome any unnecessary injuries. As the sport involves hazardous moves to win bouts, Twins Muay Thai has brought you their Twins Special Ankle Guard Support protector, which is excellent support for your ankles. It is made with Super Elastic Cotton with Polyester and spandex blend and has been stitched together with extra strong stitches for firm support. These ankle supports are very safe to use and are made with cotton to provide you with comfort. These are incredibly heavy-duty ankle supports that can take any amount of stress and strain, lasting for years. 

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  • It has been made with Polyester, Super elastic cotton and spandex blend for the maximum support yet moderate elasticity.
  • They come from Thailand.
  • The cotton material provides strength and to the material to give firm support to your ankles despite the impact of stress and strain.
  • Extra durable stitching for more safety and support 
  • It is made of comfortable cotton material.


  • It is a bit thick as the material needs to provide support. 

Price- $19.90 – $26.95

Where to buy- Get your Twins Special Ankle Guard Support Protector here 

3. Twins Special Shin Guards Pads Black SGL

Shin guards, as we know, are a saving grace in any combat sports. Our legs get exposed to a lot of treacherous kicks and strikes from our opponents that may pose fatal to the shin. As the practice sessions involve getting your shins strong, one must understand that shins can take hits until a certain point, which is why Twins Muay Thai gear also includes Twins Special Shin Guards Pads Black SGL that secures the bones from any lethal fracture. These shin guards are designed to protect the lower legs from kicks. The velcro closure strap gives the product extra brownie points for providing extra secure and comfortable fitting. The 100% genuine leather material with heavy-duty foam padding protects the legs with enhanced features like the in-step foot protection with an elastic strap under the feet. 


  • Made in Thailand
  • 100% Genuine leather
  • In-step elastic strap under the feet
  • Double velcro enclosure at the back
  • Heavy-duty foam padding for extra protection


  • The size is comparatively small, so one has to check the size chart before buying it. 

Price- $104.50

Where to buy- get your Twins Special Shin Guards Pads Black SGL here

4. Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

The Twins Muay Thai Boxing Shorts are on huge demand not only because they provide different colors, sizes, fittings, and kinds of Muay Thai boxing shorts. The 100% polyester Satin material is perfect for the Muay Thai form of combat sports as it is easy to breathe and move around in. Muay Thai practitioners specifically use these shorts as it is stitched together to provide enough mobility and comfort. It is also available in many sizes and colors. 

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  • Made with 100% Polyester satin material to provide maximum comfort
  • It is stitched in a way to allow one to move around easily
  • It is available in different sizes and colors


  • It is made for men only. 

Price- $25.41 – $57.08

Where to buy- Get your Twins Muay Thai Boxing Shorts here 

5. Twins Special Curved Kick Pads

Kicking pads are essential in the training process of Muay Thai form of martial art. They are used to enhance your reflex with target kick practicing while not getting injured. Mostly, it allows one to get better with their moves. This is where Twins Special Curved Kicks Pads come to rescue all the Muay Thai fighters during training to avoid injury. The Twin’s Muay Thai range has launched this product with a lot of features. It has a velcro armlock to keep the kick pads secured in your arms and easy to take off when required. Its multi-layered foam construction provides maximum absorption of any heavy kicks or strikes. It is built with 100% cowskin leather for durability and is made in Thailand. 

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  • Made in Thailand
  • Velcro strap in the arm for a secure fit and easy to take off
  • Made with 100% cowskin leather for durability 
  • High-quality multilayer foam to take in any amount of kicking


  • May not be able to ship internationally in several countries. 

Price- $164.64

Where to buy- Get your Twins Special Curved Kicks Pads here

6. Twins Belly Protector Protection Special Design

Muay Thai is a dangerous form of martial arts that involves getting injured in several parts of your body, including your abdominal area. This is why twins muay thai range of products have come up with this product- Twins Belly Protector Protection Special Design, which is made with 100% cowskin leather. The belly protector is to be secured with a buckle waist wrap going up to the back. Any attack in the form of a front kick, knee strike, or a foot jab can be endured with good padding over your abdomen. The belly protector serves the purpose of protecting your stomach as well as stays secured in one place. Overall, this belly protector does its job pretty well and is a good purchase. 

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  • It is made with 100% cowskin leather or maximum durability and strength. 
  • It is heavily padded to absorb any jab, knee strike, or a kick. 
  • It is made in Thailand.
  • The product is available in 4 different sizes- small, medium, large, X-large. 


  • The buckle waist strap may pose inconvenient when needed to be taken off or worn. 

Price- $81.95 – $125.95

Where to buy- Get your Twins Belly Protector Protection Special Design here 

7. Twins Special Heavy Punching Bag HBS5 6FT

A heavy bag is an essential piece of equipment that is required for Muay Thai training to build one’s strength and improve reflex and precision. The Twins Muay Thai range of products has had an excellent record in producing Muay Thai equipment for over 25 years directly from Thailand. The Twins Special Heavy Punching Bag HBS5 6FT is one such product that Muay Thai practitioners have purchased worldwide. It is made with highly durable and robust Syntek leather and is available in these colors- green, pink, white, grey. 

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  • It is water-resistant 
  • Made with non-tearing durable nylon lining and is heavy-duty.
  • Made in Thailand
  • It is made with strong and durable Syntek leather. 


  • It has to be hung. 

Price- $175.00

Where to buy- Get your Twins Special Heavy punching Bag HBS5 6FT here

8. Twins Special Headgear Head Guard

The head is a significant part of our body, which should not endure any pain or injury in the bouts or training of Muay Thai. Being a dangerous form of martial art, Twins Muay Thai has created a headgear, especially for fighters who regularly go into several bouts. The training can be easy, and injuries shall be avoided as much as possible with this headgear to guard the head against any damages. It is made with strong and durable 100% cowskin leather. It has cheeks padding and forehead padding to avoid any injuries in these parts. The padding also protects the in a well-balanced manner while not compromising on the view or vision. The velcro straps on the sides are to be used to get a secure fit. 

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  • It is made with 100% cowskin leather for durability and strong construct.
  • Velcro straps to get a secure fit and is easy to take off
  • Heavy padding yet not constricting the field of vision.
  • Cheek, forehead, and chin padding to avoid injuries


  • The head size needs to be checked with a size chart thoroughly before purchasing. 

Price- $81.95 – $190.95

Where to buy- get your Twins Special Headgear Head Guard here 

Buying Guide-

Now that we have gone through all the essential Twins Muay Thai products, we can follow the comprehensive guide on how to judge the products before buying them. One needs to understand the importance of certain features to look for in the products they buy for Muay Thai. Here are the features-

1. Size- 

Universal or standard-sized products may be convenient as they are adjustable, but can be flawed if the adjustment is limited to a certain point. Similarly, products available in different sizes have fixed measurements that can be inconvenient as they will be too tight or too loose at a point. To get a perfect fit, look for products that are available in sizes and are adjustable so that the measurements can be adjusted according to your size if your head or leg is not a standard size. This can be rectified with a size chart before buying the product. 

2. Cost-

The price of some products may be high, but the quality can be moderate. On the other hand, some products offer high quality compared to the price. The twin’s muay thai range of products are such which offer you Muay Thai gear with premium quality at an accurate price. Thus, you must trust a particular brand to buy products that are costly as they offer you premium quality products. 

3. Quality-

A very important criterion is the quality of a product. Usually, promising brands that have been in the market for a long time have customers who blindly trust the brand for the quality. One shall look over constantly at the material and facts about the products. A long-lasting, durable material with good padding and great built shall be considered good quality. 

4. Durability-

Do not go by the price. A product’s durability depends on the material with which it is made. Thus, one should look over the features of the product, go over verified testimonies and reviews like this and then only buy a product. The durability is something promised by a brand solely and should be taken into consideration when it is a promise made by a big brand. 


A verified and trustworthy brand like Twins Special that has been in the scene over 25 years provides you with a huge range of Twins Muay Thai equipment that comes from Thailand after getting tested by their Muay Thai experts essentially to offer you products that are well-researched and keep you safe from injuries, helping you receive efficient and accurate techniques through training with their products. 

The durability, material, and variety that Twins Special provides are beyond comparison. Thus, purchase Twins Special Muay Thai products for an enjoyable experience. Their products are made with the best material and are available for international shipping in many countries.