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What Are The Muay Thai Ropes in 2020? Best Review and Buying Guide

muay thai ropes

Contrary to common belief, ropes aren’t only used by little girls while playing, they also play an integral role in ensuring that athletes remain fit at all times. More so, are jumping ropes important when it comes to Muay Thai boxers.  What are the muay thai ropes?

So, how can a Muay Thai boxer benefit from using ropes to exercise? Well, there are myriads of benefits that a boxer can get from using Muay Thai ropes. Apart from toning down on your body weight, using ropes to practice also helps to do essential workouts on your muscles. 

This way, you will not only be fit enough once you get into the ring, but your overall body health will be optimum as well. 

Even so, in order to get the most out of a jumping rope, you need to get your hands on the best jumping ropes out there in the market. But how will you be able to determine the best jumping ropes?

With the jumping ropes market increasingly getting bigger, more brands continuously emerge. This makes it daunting for users to pick the right rope. 

Are you in such a situation? You need not worry though. This article will give you a detailed review of the best Muay Thai ropes in the market and a guide on how you can buy them.

Buying The Right Muay Thai Rope- What Factors Should You Consider?

As mentioned above, choosing the right jump rope for your boxing exercise is very important. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the perfect rope. 

Keeping in mind that choosing the best rope for a beginner can be daunting, this guide will help reduce the hassle and confusion that comes with choosing the best rope from a wide array that is available.

1. Type Of  Rope

One of the factors to consider while choosing a jumping rope is the type. With the jumping rope market bustling, you need to choose a type of rope by considering these elements. 

-Fabric Jump Ropes: One of the most common types of jumping ropes are fabric jump ropes. Basically, these ropes are made of either fabric or nylon material. However, the handles are always made of plastic. 

Although these ropes are considered to be old-fashioned, they are quite cheap. Even so, they don’t make the best choice for a boxing jumping rope. This is because apart from being heavy, these types of ropes also cause a lot of friction. 

Additionally, they cannot be used on wet grounds since they have a tendency to absorb water at a higher rate. 

-Leather Jump Ropes: Just as the name suggests, these types of jumping ropes are made of leather. Due to this, leather jump ropes are quite strong and efficient, which makes them the best type of ropes for athletes. 

Unlike fabric jump ropes, leather jump ropes have handles that are made of either plastic or wood. The only downside to these types of ropes is that since they are made up of organic material, they are much difficult to use outdoors. Additionally, this type of rope is not recommended for beginners. 

2. Length of Rope

Another factor to take into consideration is the length of the rope. The length goes a long way in determining whether you will comfortably use the jumping rope or not. 

But how can you determine the correct length of a jumping rope? The desired length of an ideal jumping roe should always be from your armpit to your feet. With such a length, you can rest assured that you will have an extra room to adjust the length.

Thanks to advances in technology, you are able to get your hands on adjustable ropes today. This type of rope is perhaps the most desired jumping rope. 

3. Durability

Durability of a jumping rope will determine whether your rope will wear off quickly or not. So, what should you consider when looking for a durable jumping rope?

The material used to make the rope plays a big part in the durability of a jumping rope. Additionally, the type of surface you are going to use the rope on also determines how durable the rope will be. 

Top 3 Best Jump Ropes for Boxing 2020

1. Wod Nation Speed Jump Rope

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There are very few jumping ropes that come with all the desired features and the Won Nation Speed Jump Rope is one of them. 

One of the best things about this jumping rope is that it is not only effective for Muay Thai, but it can also be used in other different sports as well. 

Additionally, unlike other jumping ropes in the market, this rope has been designed to ensure effective coordination, agility, speed, and balance while using it. This way, you can get an enhanced cardio ability coupled with an impressive muscle tone.


-Made of high-quality material.

-It’s very fast to use.

-Comes with four different bearing systems

-Has a comfortable handle

-Can be uses by beginners as well as professionals

-It has good durability. 

-It comes with a free carrier bag.



2. Master Double Unders and Smash Your Workout

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If you are a professional Muay Thai athlete and you are looking to better master your double unders, then this jumping rope by master of muscle is what you probably are looking for. 

Apart from enhancing your jumpers, using this rope also ensures that your cardio is flawless. The best thing about this rope is that it comes with a number of incredible features such as the ability to adjust the rope. 

Additionally, you are able to get a money-back guarantee for the rope, which makes it a good bargain. 


-Come’s with a free carrier bag.

-Has been designed with nonbending capabilities

-Has a 100% money-back guarantee

-Highly compact

-It’s lightweight



3.Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope

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If you are in the market for an adjustable jump rope that is also made of high-quality materials, then this jumping rope is what you are probably looking for. It comes packed with all the necessary features that you would desire from a jump rope. 

Apart from a comfort form handle that makes it comfortable to use, this rope also comes with an anti-tangle feature. It has also been made with state of the art materials that make it quite durable. 


-Comes with a lifetime warranty

-Can be used by beginners and professionals

-Easy and comfortable to use

-Does not tangle easily


-The rope cannot be adjusted to different lengths.


Just like any other athletic training equipment, a jumping rope offers numerous benefits to athletes. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that a Muay Thai boxer remains fit at all times. 

While a jumping rope offers a wide array of benefits, its always important to consider which rope you buy. The good thing is that you now have these guides to help you buy the best jump rope. Additionally, the reviews give you a better understanding of the best Muay Thai ropes to pick from.