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10 Best Muay Thai Gloves Buyer’s Guide & Reviews in 2020

Best Muay Thai Gloves

Hi, my name is Chris and I am a professional Muay Thai instructor. I started learning the ins and out of Muay Thai when I was just about 9 years old.  Today marks my 5th year as a Muay Thai instructor. It’s my passion and also a vocation at the same time. I teach Muay Thai as if it’s a devotion and I dedicate most of my energy training with the young ones. Muay Thai is not just my bread and butter but it is also my first love. 

However, I was in an accident last year and I was forced to take a long break to heal. But to save you from all the messy details and heavy drama, my car just bumped into something that’s not supposed to be there and the rest is history. Let your imagination run wild all you want but no, I am not drunk. Anyway, the great news is that I am finally allowed to go back into teaching Muay Thai!

There are a lot of enthusiastic students waiting for me and I can’t put into words how happy I am to finally be able to kick and turn like a normal human being. Doing these things last year will surely make me feel horrible. It will be painful and traumatizing. I can’t let these kids wait any longer. It will be a shame to let their fire subside just because of boredom, one of them could be the next me (yes, I take pride in my achievements) or the next master!

BUT before anything else, we all know the drill. It’s something even I should not change or skip. I am talking about the “first things first” part of every new journey. In my case, it is of course… THE GLOVES. I feel like my gloves need to resign, it just won’t work for me anymore. I do not want any more accidents to happen, especially one while teaching, so, I decided to buy a new pair. BUT just when I was about to pick one, I realized that there’s a lot of options to choose from. It will be very unwise to easily decide and buy out of the blue. That’s when I knew that I needed to test some of these brands.

Believe me when I say this; like every swordsman who was chosen by their sword. A Muay Thai fighter will not choose their gloves, the gloves will choose its fighter! If I am to look back and remember my roots, that is indeed easy to believe. The gloves will not just protect you, it will also help you reach your goals, efficiency-wise. How? KEEP READING!

In this article, I would like to tackle and share my experience in testing these awesome gloves. This testing phase took me a month to complete so please make sure to read until the end! I tried these gloves on not just to get the feel and fit but I actually used them in some of my fights coz nothing beats the real thing. You can try testing them on your own but I highly recommend trying just 3 of your top choices from my list to save time and money. It was exhausting and was indeed an investment out of my shallow pockets 😉


I mentioned that I am teaching the young ones Muay Thai so my priority is to find a brand that offers DURABLE loves.  To put it simply, gloves that are best for training will win. If it easily gets worn out – it’s out! 

For some of you who might be thinking that Muay Thai training just takes about a year to finish. Well, you are 100% wrong. In my case, I trained for almost a decade before I was even allowed to fight and a few years more to gain my professional stature in the game. To expound the logic, if the gloves can’t attain its form or quality even just for a month, then it’s not worth it because it will not serve its purpose. Gloves should not be disposable, it’s a friend and a fighters’ companion.

This is the very same reason why I know that the new generation, my students need a glove that they can depend on. A glove that can grow with them. A brand that knows well how long it takes to mold a fighter. So here are my takeaways.


PROS – This is the most popular and best-selling brand outside Thailand especially in the United States. If a brand gets a solid reputation outside its manufacturing zone then it must be really REALLY good.

Best Muay Thai Gloves

Designs-wise,. Fairtex is made to make fighters look good. Whenever a pro or an amateur wears it, there’s no telling the difference. Gloves are also about the padding, compared to its competitor brands, you will get your money’s worth with Fairtex without the ‘pillowy’ look and feel. It is also made from real leather making it more durable in the long run.

In terms of quality, the brand makes sure to produce top of the line gloves by conducting serious tests for quality control. Not convinced yet? Google Fairtex and you will hardly find any complaints from buyers worldwide.

CONS – The gloves feel less soft, if this makes you feel very uncomfortable then this may not be the best fit for you. However, the brand surely gets to show you more benefits than this softness other brands can offer. Fairtex is still a great choice, especially for beginners and for multiple purposes.


· Designs-wise

· Quality control


· The gloves feel less soft


Yokkao Matrix Boxing Gloves

PROS – This brand might still be considered new since it just started the year 2010 BUT I can assure you that there is a huge fight in it. Their gloves are far from bad, it is actually a very good choice if you are looking for gloves you can use in the long run.

Yokkao’s gloves are more affordable compared to its competitors. Its Thai-style foam is well distributed making it feel very comfortable when used. There’s a science behind it, we know that but at the end of the day, we all go for what makes us feel satisfied. With its high-grade leather, you can easily tell that the company invested in a lot of designs considering its designs and materials.

CONS – If we will be basing it on the product, there’s not actually anything bad or disappointing I can say about Yokkao. It is a very good product. It is fashionable, comfortable, and indeed made with quality. However, I have issues with the process. It is easy to order but it takes time and the first item I received was not actually the exact size I ordered. When issues like these happen it just makes all the excitement go away.

I am sure that this doesn’t happen all the time but I hope that they can improve this area as this is something they can actually improve, ASAP.


Twins Special Premium Leather Boxing Gloves BGVL-3

PROS – If Fairtex is the most popular brand outside Thailand, this bad boy is the goal in Thailand. The brand uses cowhide leather for their gloves and it is stunning.  If you are looking for a glove that can provide firm wrist support then this is the best choice for you. It also provides sufficient protection for the knuckles which you will surely appreciate if you are going to train non-stop.

CONS – Twins just keep in increasing their prices. If you are in a budget this is still a good investment but undeniably, there are still better options budget-wise. The designs are also too practical. If you are looking for a fancier glove, you may want to check Twins FBGV but it is also pricier than this design.


Top King Boxing Gloves

PROS – In terms of protection, you will notice a strong similarity with Twins Boxing Gloves. This may be because the two brands are owned by 2 brothers. Regardless of their relation, these gloves are remarkably very good. Top king gloves have a really snug hand compartment that provides extra room or space for your hands making it notably comfortable. The designs are also commendable and with the quality, there’s no way you would feel like changing into a different glove ever.

CONS – The bulkiness of the glove makes it a bit heavier which definitely gives a bit of discomfort in an actual fight. I think this is the reason why Top King is best for training and sparring but not for an actual match because it adds up to the pressure. It is also hard to penetrate through your opponents’ guard when you throw punches.


Muay Thai are not just for men and boys it is for everyone. As long as you are willing to embrace the principles and discipline it will work out for you just right. This is also the same reason why I’ve thought of including options for female Muay Thai enthusiasts / practitioners. I am confident that this list and my recommendations will help a lot for your next purchase.


Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

PROS – This is a hook and loop training gloves that are highly recommended for women. It’s not just about the irresistible pink colored design but also for its quality. It’s blend of protection and comfort is so admirable that you can easily conclude that you will get your money’s worth not just for a short period of time but for longer, compared to its competitor brands. It’s for keeps!

CONS – I could say that this is a big investment, it’s not cheap. It might be worth it but still it is very expensive. However, with quality and durability, I’d rather just save rather than have them change anything with their materials just to make these gloves a little bit cheaper.


Ringside Women's IMF Boxing Training Gloves

PROS – This is not a popular brand to be honest and I only came across with some of their ads only because I am specifically looking for gloves that are perfect for women. So I was thinking that maybe their designs are focused and built to actually accommodate women boxers’ needs. AND I am very thankful to have discovered it. One thing that I noticed instantly is that they don’t feel clumsy like a balloon. I like that feeling so much because it is very comfortable. The fit is also perfect for women, it’s a bit small for me but I can say that it is still comfy.

CONS – Comfort is one thing but quality and durability is a totally different story. I don’t think it can stay much longer in form if you are in heavy training and combat. Definitely not for heavy – bag workouts too. After using it for the 28th time, I felt like I am almost punching the bags directly and without gloves. I felt the impact. This will work best for you if you are into shadow boxing and light boxing exercises.


Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

PROS – I highly recommend this if you are a beginner and I can easily say that this is the best boxing gloves in this price tag. It is very affordable and comfortable.

CONS – Again, I recommend it for beginners, it will not survive strenuous and consistent bag work. 2-3 sessions per week is too much. This gloves are not for elite fighters but will suffice for  gym goers.


Do you know that it’s extremely difficult to find gloves for fighters with big hands? Well, it is and now that you know, you would easily understand why I am adding this up to my list. I want to help fighters find the best gloves that would fit their golden hands.


Windy Training Gloves

PROS – This glove is special because only a few were actually created with a big hand compartment inside. Compared to its other competitors, this gloves are available up to 18oz, definitely a perfect contender for heavy trainings and sparring. Just a heads up, it will make you feel uncomfortable at first, it will feel snug but later in you will surely love it. It will take mold into your hands like as if it is adjusting for its master. It was incredible!

CONS – The price is too much for its design. It feels to simple but if you are the type to still feel hyped up with the classics then this one is perfect for you.


PROS – This brand and model is not just for big hands, the brand were able to provide multiple designs in different sizes. Well, competitors provide that kind of variation too however with this brand, you can go up to XL (which for some reason, is a bit hard to find available in competitors’ line up) which even the bulkiest hands can enjoy anytime.

CONS – If you belong in the heavyweight class and you weigh 200lbs this 16 oz model may not be enough. But worry not, just go for the 18oz, that will be more perfect. However, this is the most expensive brand amongst all the items in my list.


PROS – Sherdog is a very reputable reference to check if you want to know more about a brand. I checked it out and BAM! I found this bad boy and the rating is 10/10! In terms of protection, I don’t think any brand can beat them up. Their protection strap system  is so admirable, it will make sparring and the aftermath less stressful and much safer.

CONS – These gloves are SO HEAVY! But I think it is only because I am tiny. Again, this is for big hands, for giants and I am not under that category. I feel that it will definitely work perfectly for big fighters. May it be for heavy training or gym only.


Appropriate support and protection for your hands – These are your ultimate goals in finding the best boxing gloves for yourself and with that, these are my top 3 recommendations. Also, I don’t want to end this review here. These are my choices as an expert and you, my fellow, have your own standards to fulfill. SO I would like to give you a quick guideline on how to choose the best boxing glove FOR YOU! You will not be disappointed with this I promise – keep reading!

How to Choose the Best Gloves for Muay Thai Training

If a glove is made with real leather, does it mean it’s of good quality?

It’s a yes and a no, to be honest. Leather will make the gloves durable as real leather is a very strong material. There’s a reason why it’s not cheap. No matter how many punches you throw out there, the glove made with real leather will be able to maintain its form.

However, a boxing glove is not just about the cover, a lot of things contribute to its quality. It is also about what’s inside it. If the padding is not good, you will risk not only your hands getting bruises but it can actually cause you hand injuries. A quality boxing glove is practical but tested and designed well to fit multiple hands.


If it’s expensive it must be good? It’s a no, stop with the price tag mentality. Padding should be sufficient and light. It should be able to protect the hands and wrist in a stable form or while in combat.


The glove should be able to retain its form through the years. Durability for gloves also means comfort, it means that the feeling while earing it is consistent even after a month or two of heavy training.


Price increase is inevitable so it’s best to consider and work within your own budget. My benchmark is $100 dollars or less for training gloves. If you are looking for a glove you can use for gym and sparring, you can opt for a brand that is more affordable than these bad boys in my list.


Design is not just about the appearance of the gloves. It may look good but it may not be a fit for what you need. Designs are also about the materials used inside. There are gloves highly recommendable for westerners who usually have big and long hands. Some are good for bulky hands some for small hands. So it really depends, it’s always best to try it in, throw in some punches to a fight-bag and feel it for yourself.

I hope this helped become a better judge of your boxing gloves. I also hope that you will enjoy your training more after reading this. May it be for Muay Thai or for a different goal. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot us a message.