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Muay Thai, is also known as Thai Boxing. It is a kind of martial arts sport that accepts the use of shins, elbows, knees, and fists. It is important that you know the best Muay Thai gloves for big hands.

Thai boxing doesn’t favor fist punches that much. Most of the matches have little points for fists as well as punches. If an opponent lands more knees and kicks while you focus on punches, the system will definitely declare you the loser. 

But it doesn’t mean boxing is discouraged. You could have consistent wins just by putting forward your best boxing experience to proper use. Most individuals who box use very few boxing combos and focus more on knee, elbow, and shin techniques. So, if you are a good boxer with experience with so many combos, you could use these techniques to easily win. 

Landing consistent blows landing on the opponent could be a great advantage. They might opt to avoid coming so close to you. Remember, not every combos are effective in Thai boxing though. Continue reading this article to achieve some of the best techniques and combos used in Thai boxing. 

Brand LogoNamePriceBest Feature
TITLE Gel World Bag$130.00On AmazonImpact protection from multi-layer foam padding.
Contender Fight Sports $80.00On AmazonExtra protection from 3 foam layer padding
Windy Training Gloves$93.00 – $110.00On AmazonAesthetic look and comfort.
Twins Special Boxing Gloves$79.00 – $98.00On AmazonGreat material quality with velcro wrist support
Ring to Cage Deluxe$600.00On AmazonPerfect wrist support
Fairtex Mexican Style Boxing Gloves$110.00 – $130.00On AmazonAmple space for hand compartment plus extra padding on knuckles

Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai

There are many types of gloves. Bag, training gloves, sparring gloves, clinch, etc. Lighter gloves give you the advantage of throwing faster punches. Heavy ones will protect your hands from impact.

Choosing the right gloves could mean win after win or lose after lose. Remember, Muay Thai does not favor punches. I say that the best gloves will always fit perfectly. Not too small, not too large. It’s advisable to try out the available brands and choose the ones that suit you best.

Best Muay Thai Gloves for big hands Reviews

When it comes to boxing gloves, it’s all about the fit. Some gloves grip tight, others come a bit lose. Find the gloves that fit right. This article reveals some of the best gloves for Muay Thai. Note that the list is not ordered.

1. TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

TITLE Gel World bag gloves have an outer leather construction. They come with a specialized hand compartment and an adjustable wrist wrap. Their size goes up to XL and this enables them to accommodate big hands.

You can buy TITLE Gel World bag gloves Today on Amazon

– The gloves are economically friendly. – They are breathable. – The leather construction adds to the durability. – Enhanced safety provided by the velcro straps.
– The stitching could use some more work. – The design is not as aesthetic. It could be better. – Backrest and footrest are connected 

2. Contender Fight Sports Palladium sparring gloves

Contender Fight Sports credible dealer with many happy customers. Their palladium sparring gloves have wide wrists and support bigger hands. They also come with an inner liner for moisture absorption. The gloves are made of good quality leather that keeps them in service for a long time.

Buy Contender Fight Sports Palladium sparring gloves Today on Amazon

Enhanced comfort High build quality Durable Enhanced safety provided by the velcro straps.

3. Windy Training Gloves

These gloves are hand made and get to 18 oz. They feature some really big hand compartments plus a simplistic aesthetic design. They also have attached thumbs and multiple layer padding for extra comfort. Windy has been in existence long enough to establish its good quality. Since 1951, the brand has enjoyed a streak of success by attracting and maintaining happy customers.

Buy Windy Training gloves Today on Amazon

Durability is guaranteed The gloves are multi-purpose. You can use them for training. They are very stylistic and aesthetic.
Do not have good ventilation.   Hands can get really hot in there. Uncomfortable

4. Twins Special Boxing Gloves

Twins premium leather boxing gloves are some of the most popular choices today. These gloves are the top choice for trainers, gym-goers, and also professional fighters. They have a velcro wrist strap that allows you to wear quickly and take off.

One of the best advantages of Twins gloves is the spacious hand compartments. These accommodate large hands and enhance comfort using a padded soft cushion. However, you still have to use them a little bit to expand and fit perfectly.

Buy Twin Special Boxing gloves Today on Amazon

Great knuckle protection and protection from kicks Durability Ample space for big hands Thumb attachment for extra safety
Pricey Uncomfortable for big hands

5. Ring to Cage Deluxe Sparring Gloves

Ring to Cage gloves is one of the heaviest, with up to 34oz. They are suitable for people who have big hands. They have a high rating on shopping sites such as Sherdog (10/10) and Amazon. This vouches for the brand and acts as a guarantee that the product is clean. Ring To Cage gloves have a thick 2.5 mm foam that protects the hands from impact. They also come with Velcro leather and elastic straps. The soft nylon lining and padded thumbs add to extra comfort.

Buy  Ring To Cage gloves Today on Amazon

Durability Flexible It’s light Versatile (Multi-purpose)
Somewhat expensive

6. Fairtex Mexican Style Boxing Gloves

Fairtex is a reliable manufacturer. They make and test their gloves regularly for quality assurance. Fairtex gloves have a comfortable hand compartment for extra safety. The gloves are hand-made in Thailand, for quality assurance. Normally, these gloves offer a tight grip. The design incorporates additional padding for the knuckles. It also gives wrist support with its long cuffs. However, the gloves are not best for sparring because of their high density and weight. They will hurt your opponent more than desired.

Buy Fairtex Mexican Style boxing gloves Today on Amazon

High-quality design Comfort and safety for your hands Durable leather material Great fitting; not too big not too small
Poor ventilation A bit pricey

The Buyer’s Guide

Muay Thai boxing gloves are of different varieties of weight, style, and make. Some accommodate general purposes while others are made for specific functions. The choice may be affected by your weight, gender.

As the buyer, there are a few factors to be put into consideration while making the choice.

Glove Types & Purpose

Different gloves are made for different purposes.

      Bag Gloves

We’ve all been there. The punching bag is like the fundamental teacher for boxing tricks. Bag gloves are specifically made to help you land good punches quickly and efficiently. These gloves are a little bit lighter than most gloves. They are padded to protect your hands against the unforgiving punching bag. The best advantage is that they do this without adding extra weight.

      Training gloves

These gloves are made for regular training. They are designed for pad work and heavy punching. If you’re just a beginner, I highly recommend these training gloves since you can use them for almost all tasks.

The 14oz gloves are most suitable for men weighing 180lbs or more. For women, 10 oz is the best place to start.

Training gloves have a multi-purpose design for Muay Thai.

      Sparring gloves

Sparring gloves come with some extra padding to protect the wrists and knuckles. They are a bit heavier than some other types of boxing gloves. These gloves come in different weights. The buyers make decisions based on weight. For example, most light men prefer buying the 14oz while heavier ones choose the 20 oz. For women, most chose the 16oz.

If you intend to spar, these are the gloves for the task. Most Muay Thai glove manufacturers produce their own sparring versions for training. The 16oz fits perfectly for most men’s weight classes. As for women, the best is 14oz.

      Clinching Gloves

Clinching is unavoidable and happens lots of times. If you spend quite some time clinching, I recommend that you get the clinching gloves. These gloves normally come with a velcro lining to protect you from scratches and eye pokes. Sometimes ordinary gloves have untapped areas that could land you some scratches.


Boxing gloves come in different sizes to accommodate different weights of the users. Heavy gloves usually have heavy padding, so you might want to look at what purpose they’re for. Are you training, sparring, or clinching?

Training gloves normally range from 8 to 18oz.

Beginner men normally use 14-16oz while women use 12-14oz for beginners.


I wouldn’t advise you to buy what you cannot afford. There are many sellers out there with different prices on a particular brand. You will find some cheap and others expensive but do not compromise quality with anything, not even the price.

I prefer Amazon to most sellers because they offer trustworthy services. Most of their products including Muay gloves are reviewed by the customers who have used them before. They give you a rough idea of what to expect from the brand. That’s why all the gloves mentioned here will direct you to Amazon.

Other Factors

You might also want to consider the material making the gloves. Is it breathable, durable, and reliable? If it meets your requirements then, consider making the purchase. The straps also come in handy to firmly hold the glove during training and much more.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best gloves is your task and yours alone. Your choice can be influenced by price, size, and purpose, among other factors. What shouldn’t change is the capacity of those gloves to protect and support your hands in the fight.