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The Best Twins Muay Thai Gloves – Excellent Knuckle Protection For A Price

twins muay thai gloves

Martial arts are just as much a cultural phenomenon as much as they are combat styles. Developed over centuries, these have come to be known and loved by millions worldwide. One such martial art is the art of muay thai. The deadly and fearsome combat style hails originally from Thailand. Check out this Twins muay thai gloves.

Being centuries old, the art is closely associated with Thailand’s cultural heritage. It has an essence of Thai patriotism attached to it that makes it all the more lovable to audiences in Thailand. Lately, however, people worldwide have increasingly begun to be drawn towards this particular fighting style. Partly because of its effectiveness in combat but also because it influenced popular culture through famous action stars such as Tony Jaa and movies such as Ong Bak. 

But practicing muay thai requires protection, protection for your body against lethal blows. A part of that protection has the right gloves that will keep your knuckles safe during combat. This is where Twins muay thai gloves come in. They are the best bang for your buck boxing gloves that you can find on the market. With these gloves on, you no longer have to worry about keeping yourself safe and can focus on honing your punches that take down your opponents. The twin’s brand is reputed for developing exceptionally high quality, padded products that protect you under every circumstance and provide a safe fighting environment. 

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  3. Available in 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz

Twins – Brand Overview

Twins Special, commonly known as twins, is a brand from Thailand. They first started operations back in 1992 and have since then become a household name in Thailand. Most muay thai gyms across Thailand use their equipment heavily. They have established goodwill in the market over time, to the point where most muay thai professionals and experts now advocate using Twins products over any other brand in the market. They typically rely on their goodwill for promoting products and resist establishing an enormous presence online. This is a testament to just how trustworthy and reliable they are as a brand. Any gear from the house of twins is an absolute no-brainer and offers you a fantastic deal. 

The Twins Muay Thai Gloves – Features

The Twins muay thai gloves are the best bet when it comes to protecting your knuckles from injuries and maintaining overall safety. Most muay thai professionals in Thailand heavily advocate using these gloves over any other for a wide array of reasons. Let’s now discuss some of them to understand why these gloves are the right fit for you.

  • They offer all-around cushioning in their gloves, which is an absolute savior during sparring sessions. 
  • They offer soft-padding in their gloves, which is a boon for your opponent as the blows you land on them feel lighter. It can act as a form of safety to your opponent as well. 
  • The gloves offer excellent wrist support for the user and ensure wrist safety as well. They also provide great flexibility around your wrists to avoid injuries while striking your opponent. 
  • These gloves are extremely well made and durable. They have velcro wrist straps that offer excellent durability and can last years, depending on usage.
  • The gloves come in the perfect size, which is considered the default today in muay thai training. 
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Why Choose the Twins Muay Thai Gloves? 

There are several reasons why one should select the twins muay thai gloves for your journey in muay thai. Let’s go over some of them now. 

  1. The main reason you should choose the twins muay thai gloves is that they are an absolute rock as far as your hand safety is concerned. They are incredibly well-padded and offer great flexibility around your wrists for optimum movement. This does because it allows your wrists to move more freely and provides ample space for your wrists in case of bending or a twisting motion. Unsurprisingly then, you can be sure of procuring the best standard of safety for your wrists. 
  2. Another excellent reason for choosing the Twins muay thai gloves is their sheer durability. When you venture out into the world of MMA and muay thai, it tends to be a long term journey, not a very short one. Hence, its ideal to opt for equipment that lasts at least for a couple of years. The Twins muay thai gloves are an absolute beast in that regard, considering they easily continue for years on end with the correct usage and are the industry standard for glove durability. 
  3. They offer an all-around cushion of soft padding, which reduces the momentum when you strike a blow. This, in turn, can be a boon while sparring with an opponent. While fighting, you do not intend to land a fatal blow but are looking to merely test your limits and try out a couple of different techniques. Sparring sessions can be considered to be test drives. However, this requires that safety for not only you but also your opponent is given optimum attention. The layer of soft cushioning on the Twins muay thai gloves lower the impact, thereby protecting your sparring partner from injuries. 

Pros and Cons of the Twins Muay Thai Gloves 


  • The gloves are made of extremely high-quality and durable material that will easily last you for years. 
  • The gloves offer great wrist support. Moreover, the velcro strap offers immense flexibility to your wrist for added safety in twists and bends. 
  • The gloves provide soft padding that helps protect your sparring partner against any lethal blows that you may land unintentionally. 
  • The brand twins special has immense goodwill in the industry and are considered the industry gold standard for quality muay thai equipment. 
  • They come in a variety of different sizes for wrists of all different sizes. 


  • The Twins muay thai gloves are the most expensive option on the market. When compared to the competition, these gloves are relatively expensive. You should look for some of the other alternatives if you’re on a tight budget. However, it’s worth noting that the quality they offer is unmatched in the industry. 

Cost of the Twins Muay Thai Gloves

The twins muay thai gloves retail for anywhere between $79.05 – $96.95 on Amazon.

How to Install the Twins Muay Thai Gloves? 

Follow the following steps to ensure optimum installation for your twins muay thai gloves

  1. First, place both your hands comfortably in the space provided in the gloves. 
  2. See if the glove allows appropriate movement. If not, then opt for a larger size of the glove for optimum result. 
  3. Tie the velcro straps provided around your wrists tightly. 
  4. Try throwing a couple of punches just to try out how the gloves feel. 
  5. The gloves have ample padding due to which they may feel heavy. Don’t worry, though; you’ll get used to them soon enough. However, if they do feel really heavy, consider opting for a smaller size of the glove. 
  6. That’s it. Now you’re ready to box your way to glory. 

Who Can Use the Twins Muay Thai Gloves? 

The twins muay thai gloves are the industry gold standard for quality muay thai boxing gloves. They are widely advocated by established professionals in the industry and can thus be used by everyone, starting from a novice to a professional muay thai practitioner. 

How Can One Order the Twins Muay Thai Gloves? 

You can either get the gloves at a twins retail store near you or opt to order them online on Amazon. You can check them out on Amazon.

Customer Support

You can contact twins special in various ways. You can just walk into one of their several retail stores if there’s one near you. Or you can try calling them on their customer care number and sort out whatever it is that has been bothering you. You can also refer to their website for further support. 

Fax: +66 02 813 8282

Telephone: +66 02 813 8433-9


  1. What is the model number for these gloves? 

The model number for these gloves is BGVL-3.

  1. What sizes are these gloves available in? 

These gloves are available in different sizes. These are 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz.

  1. Are these gloves only useful for muay thai, or can they be used for boxing in general? 

These can be used for boxing of all kinds. They are extremely versatile in that regard. 

  1. Are these gloves adequately breathable? 

Yes, these are extremely breathable and comfortable due to the soft padding inside them. 

  1. What kind of strap is available with the gloves? 


Twins is a brand that exhibits sheer mastery in its domain of manufacturing quality muay thai products. The twins muay thai gloves are no different. The gloves offer extreme durability and flexibility but come at a relatively higher price. However, it’s worth noting that such quality demands a higher premium on the users’ part. A highly recommended product by muay thai specialists worldwide, the twins muay thai gloves will ensure optimum protection while maximizing your comfort and movement. 

twins muay thai gloves





  • High-quality and durable materials.
  • Great wrist support.
  • Come in a variety of different sizes.


  • Expensive