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How Muay Thai And Weight Loss Goes Hand In Hand? – Muay Thai Weight Loss

muay thai weight loss

A popular combat sport from Thailand called ‘Muay Thai’ has been a prevalently practiced martial art form since the 18th century. Since then, it has its incorporations with the culture and history of Thailand. Muay Thai is practiced all across the world by professionals as well as learners. There is another segment of the population who also see other benefits of practicing Muay Thai, that is, weight loss. It is said that one can burn up to 1000 calories for an hour session of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is all-inclusive cardio for the full-body if one wants to look at it from this angle. Thus, muay thai weight loss training is a relatively new trend followed by millions worldwide. 

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Muay Thai is the best way to lose weight and burn calories as well as learn self-defense. Conventional gymming is not anymore an option when you have an opportunity to learn this ancient and eminent martial art form hailing from Thailand. As the meaning of the name Muay Thai suggests that it is an ‘art of eight weapons,’ it sure does utilize all the parts of your body, namely the elbows, fists, knees, feet, and shins. After practicing for some time, you will find yourself pretty accustomed to the movements that are very intense and help you sweat out. Let us find out if with muay thai weight loss is possible. 

Muay Thai Weight Loss to burn Calories-

  • Any form of workout is efficient in burning your fat. One needs to understand the difference between burning fat, slow, and consuming fat fast. With muay thai weight loss is no trouble as it burns more fat at a quicker rate. 
  • Any training that is high-intensity-interval-training contributes to burning calories. Muay Thai uses movements of your upper body to strike and legs to kick. In the process of such swift and robust movements, your abs and several other muscles get intensely worked out.
  • Hard kicks and fast kicks combined are competent to work it out. Punching drills, too are beneficial. It ends up being a full-body workout. 
  • With muay thai weight loss is possible as it is a cardiovascular activity involving constant kicking, punching, and very steadfast yet swift movements that involve every single muscle of your body. 
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Muay Thai Weight Loss to Increase Body Strength-

  • When you burn fat from the muscles during intensive training, you also lose weight. But Muay Thai does help you lose almost 0.5 lb of muscle for the intense workout it involves to help you lose weight efficiently. 
  • But Muay Thai also makes up for the muscle loss. During pad work, pad drills, and sparring, you tend to use a lot of muscle force in swift movements. Every kick, punch, knee strike makes you tense your muscle like you would do in a gym laying over the bench press, picking up bars to gain upper body strength and muscle weight. 
  • Muay Thai has such movements in repeated successions to help you increase your body strength as well as lose weight. 

What is the Exercise Routine in Muay Thai?

The entire routine in Muay Thai is powerful and intense. It is as follows-

  1. Warm-Ups-

Warmups or heating the body muscles with exercises by helping your heart pump blood all over your body is the first step. These are several warmup exercises that last for 15 minutes to half an hour-

  • Jogging
  • Stretching
  • Squats
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Skipping Rope
  • Push-ups
  • Burpees
  • Shadowboxing
  • Spin bikes. 
  1. Pad Work and Pad Drill

After warming up, you take a break and then start pad work, hitting pads that are held up at random places. Target practice is enhanced through this technique as you wear boxing gloves. It is very intense as you have to keep hitting the pad no matter where it is, engaging your arms, elbows, knees, as well as feet to target kick it. 

Whereas, pad drills are fixed movement exercises that include the following movement with 50 straight punches or ten right kicks and left kicks. The amount of sweat one drip of during this part of the muay thai weight loss exercise is very inspiring. 

  1. Sparring

Sparring session involves two people practicing Muay Thai moves against each other with punches, kicks, and knee strikes. This part of the training involves intense and very swift motions to make hits and defend in time from getting hit. This is an excellent way to exercise.

Muay Thai Weight Loss- How Is It Possible?

It has to be made known to all readers that Muay Thai alone is not a benefactor of your weight loss if you end up having a Goku feast. Just like the warmups and the drills are restrained to certain time and frequency, one should check on their food intake to make weight loss possible. These are the steps to propagate it-

  • Heighten the training quality by adding more clinching sessions as well as sparring with all your effort. 
  • Strength training is an essential part of muay thai weight loss to avoid getting weak and maintaining a healthy diet. 
  • Don’t ignore bone strength. Nourish yourself accordingly. 


Thus, with muay thai weight loss has been possible with the powerful and calorie-burning exercises and movements that are contributed in the pad work, pad drills, and most importantly, in sparring. Sparring involves every inch of your muscle to get worked out thoroughly using the swift and strong movements of the arms, the legs, the abs, the upper body as well the overall body strength that gets enhanced. With a balanced diet, one can easily regulate their calorie intake by not consuming more than the regular fat. One shall consume protein whichever way suggested by your Muay Thai trainer. Overall, Muay Thai is a fun martial art form of Thailand that is popular worldwide for its benefits and authenticity. It would help if you went for a muay thai weight loss program instead of gymming to work on your cardio-vascular muscles, burn fat efficiently, and swiftly.