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5 Best Muay Thai Thigh Pads In The Market

muay thai thigh pads

Muay Thai is a form of martial arts that requires a lot of hardcore training and practice. Being a hazardous form of martial arts, Muay Thai requires a lot more protection and padding for your entire body to practice appropriately and not get injured. A partner is involved in this famous combat sport for which you must be prepared in every way to protect your body. A lot of other kickboxing sports need a lot of pad work. A muay thai thigh pad is much bigger and is made to absorb all shocks and strikes approaching you- an elbow, kicks, punches, knees. 

To work up your defense and make your body and sensitive parts stay safe from these dangerously big blows, get a muay thai thigh pad. Even though there are different types of muay thai pads available in the market, we must focus on the thigh pads. Thigh pads are available in various types and materials in the market. One can work on their technique too using these thigh pads as one has to move in a particular manner while working on muay thai wearing thigh pads. You must be assured to get all the best muay thai thigh pads here after going over a hundred of them in the market. Let us see which muay thai thigh pad suits you the best.

Top 5 Best Muay Thai Thigh Pads Reviews

Even though all these muay thai thigh pads are individually good, we must take a closer look at them personally to be able to compare them and buy the best that suits you and your requirements the most-


The brand TITLE has ana a fantastic range of muay thai equipment exclusively made to protect you from any injury while practicing and competition. The thick padding of TITLE’s thigh pads is comparatively more than other thigh pads you will find in the market. They are made to absorb a lot more shock from the constant strikes and blows to your thigh. It is made exclusively with a GEL that is four inches thick. It is also infused with foam. Thus, TITLE does not lie when they tell you that they are offering the best coverage and protection. Being a muay thai thigh pad, the material with which it is made is such that it lasts a longer length. Also, the thigh pads are secured with nylon and double stitching so that it does not rip apart when exposed to heavy blows. The lower part beneath the thigh pads is also secured with elastic bands to make the thigh pad stay in place. 

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  • Hook and loop closure
  • Four inches GEL infused foam
  • It is reinforced with the nylon and double stitching for more durability. 
  • Elastic in the lower part to stay secured in a place
  • Anatomically shaped. 


  • The padding is not that absorbent, according to some users. 

Price- $159.99

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2. Fairtex’s Thigh Pads

Fairtex is a brand that is a very proud choice of many Muay Thai practitioners. It is a new addition to its Muay Thai collection of training equipment and has become very famous in the last few years. The Fairtex’s thigh pads are considered to be the best muay thai thigh pads for many reasons. They are designed and built in such a way that they can absorb any form of low clicks without worrying about getting injured. The contouring and shaping of these thigh pads are very ergonomic and are dependable. They fully cover the inner, middle, and outer portion of your thigh for different types of kicks. It is a piece of simple equipment that offers a lot. The thigh pads are held not only by your legs but also bu a band that attaches to your hips. The hook and loop attachment to the bones holds the entire weight of the dense padding in your thigh pads securely. Each pad has four target points individually. The design is such that it is ideal for low kicks. 

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  • Designed with maximum mobility
  • 4.15 pounds is the total weight of these thigh pads
  • Made with durable synthetic leather
  • Has three inches of foam padding
  • It comes with a set of belly pads too.


  • The band that connects the thigh pads to the waist tens to get worn out
  • The belly pad is not very comfortable. 

Price- $179.99

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3. Ring to Cage Thigh Guard

Ring to Cage has designed thigh pads exclusively to allow one to have maximum mobility for muay thai during sparring. The ergonomic design is such that it curves in a manner to fit the thighs as tightly as possible to ensure a secure fit while heavy combating. The Ring to Cage is designed with three inches of padding made with a foam core that protects you from any possible massive shock from the kicks and strikes to your thigh. The Ring to Cage offers one of its kind muay thai thigh pad that is made to allow you to breathe easily and prevent your thigh pads from slipping and moving around because of sweat. The unique Velcro closure locks the thigh pad in place to get a secure fit and stay comfortable on the hips and lacing up the back of the thighs for a better and secure fitting. 


  • Three inches foam core padding
  • Weighs 4lbs each
  • Drimax material to keep the thighs dry and less slippery
  • Made with durable synthetic leather
  • Maximum mobility
  • Multiple layers of padding to absorb shock.
  • One size fits everyone.


  • One size fits all notion may be a trouble. 
  • Almost $72 for shipping. 

Price- $189.99

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4. Fairtex TP3 thigh Pads-

This product from Fairtex is the most sought after product offered by them. AS much as the brand Fairtex is popularly known for its exclusive series of best Muay Thai and MMA equipment, it holds to its promises. It is no surprise for the consumers that Fairtex offers the best in the market. The Fairtex TP3 Deluxe thigh pads are made with durable Syntek Leather, which can last a lot more than other materials. It is also a material that readily absorbs all the shock from all the kicks and blows to the thigh. The Syntek Leather is specifically heavy duty and very durable. The muay thai thigh pad has a double layer high-density core padding to absorb every shock from the individual kicks to get no injury at all while training. 

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The pads offer three inches of padding and have a total weight of 3 kilograms, making it heavy and thick, restricting a bit of your mobility. But the protection it offers is excellent. The straps by which you will tie the thigh pads are adjustable, and you can change the fittings accordingly. You can make the thigh pads as tight as possible and still get the space to fit a belly pad. 


  • Double layer high-density foam core padding
  • Three inches of padding
  • Designed to accommodate a belly padding too
  • Is adjustable to fit your size
  • It is made with durable Fairtex Syntek Leather.


  • The heavyweight and padding restrict mobility.

Price- $249.66

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5. Ring to Cage Belly and Thai Pad-

Ring to Cage offers a great range of protection equipment for combat sports and martial arts like Muay Thai in the market. This product, in particular, is high on demand for the combined protection it offers- belly and thigh. The thigh pads of this combo cover the thigh adequately and protect one from the shock of the kicks and strikes from your opponent. The thigh pads also protect you against knee strikes. The thigh pads of the combo are light and have an ergonomic design, offering maximum mobility for training. This muay thai thigh pad has a multiple layered shock absorbent technology that is made out of foam padding out of Dome Air technology. It also helps one to breathe easy in the thighs and wick the sweat out of your body and help the equipment not to get slippery. 

As these are sold in a combo, the belly padding holds the thigh pads by a waist closure that attaches both of them. The thigh pads close back to the belly strap by a velcro attachment too. This type offers the best protection of all, as well as mobility. 


  • Combo of belly and thigh pad
  • Made with durable synthetic leather
  • Ergonomic design for maximum mobility
  • 4.15 pounds is the combined weight of the entire combo
  • Three inches of foam padding offered. 


  • This protection equipment does not cover the sides of the thigh. 

Price- 179.99

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Thigh pads are very important for your training to avoid any injuries and are properly made to avoid low kicks that can be very dangerous. They wrap around your leg in such a way that they can have four target points, and anyone can hit any of these points on the leg without holding the pad holder near the leg, making your technique better. Thus Now that we have covered the entire range of the best Muay Thai thigh pads available in the market, we must take into consideration the following points to keep in mind while buying the best muay thai thigh pad for yourself. 

The Brand-

Most combat sports brands offer a huge range of Muay Thai protection gear. You must also have a preference if you have used a particular brand earlier. But that does not mean the other protection equipment of that brand will offer you the same satisfaction. But if that brand particularly focuses on protection equipment and not a line of other combat sports gear, you can be assured that the brand will offer you what you want. 

The Padding-

The more the padding is, the more the protection you get. Thus, the padding in your protection equipment will determine how much shock it can absorb at once. A gel or foam padding is a great choice, but too much padding can restrict your mobility. Therefore, striking the perfect balance between the padding, weight, and design can get you the appropriate thigh pads that allow you to move easily while offering maximum protection.

The Mobility-

If the padding is very thick and heavy, your mobility will be restricted. However, you will need as much coverage you can get. Thick and not so ergonomic design of a muay thai thigh pad can completely stop you from moving the way you want to. Therefore, before buying a pair of muay thai thigh pads, get a good look at the reviews related to the fittings, weight, and design. 

The Closures

We tend to forget about this part while buying Muay Thai protection gear while getting blinded by the padding and material. Closures of muay thai thigh pads vary from one brand to another. Some have a laced closure, velcro, elastic, or a combination of two or three of these. The most common type of closure that is a one-size-fits-all type of closure is what you should look for the most. Adjustable closures are the best type as you can keep changing it according to your requirement. Elastic closures in the lower part of the thigh pad can secure the positioning of your thigh pad. The velcro closure loop also keeps the thigh pad tightly in place. 

The Material

Material with which a muay thai thigh pad is made should be a very important point taken into consideration. A pair of thigh pads made with good quality material will last longer than other thigh pads in the market. Look for durable synthetic leather material always when buying a thigh pad as they last longer and do not get worn out. Also, the material should be stitched together properly so that it does not fall apart when exposed to strong blows.  


Thigh pads are essential for Muay Thai form of martial arts as it is primarily a form that uses kicks and strikes to places like the thigh as well. A good pair of muay thai thigh pad can save you from any injury during your training. 

Just keep in mind that you buy thigh pads that are made with high-quality material, have foam core padding with special technology, are not very heavy, they should not restrict your mobility, and they should have a secure fit. Once you find all these qualities in your thigh pads in addition to other features that it may offer, you can choose the best thigh pads for yourself.