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A Comprehensive Guide To Useful Fairtex Muay Thai Gears

fairtex muay thai

Muay Thai is a form of martial arts, also known as ‘Thai boxing.’ It is a combat sport that uses different techniques like clinching, stand-up striking, using fists, knees, elbows, and shins. The discipline is also referred to as the “art of eight limbs.” Muay Thai tends to be a reasonably dangerous martial arts form with the utilization of all these methods. Getting exposed to Muay Thai training without any protective gear can lead to severe injuries. Similarly, using the wrong equipment to practice Muay Thai can be problematic when you face a competitor.

Thus, Fairtex, a brand from Thailand, has come to your rescue! Premium quality fairtex muay thai gear has been produced since 1971 and has been the best in the department. From shorts to shin guards, you name it, and they have it! You need everything in a set to make yourself decked up for a booming training experience. Thus, Fairtex has a considerable range of Muay Thai gear exclusively for Muay Thai practitioners who swear by the brand. Here are a total of 8 fairtex muay thai gear that you can use for a completely safe and accurate experience. 

Top 8 Fairtex Muay Thai Reviews

Being the best brand for Muay Thai form of martial arts, Fairtex has produced a vast range of equipment for the combat sport. Here are the following-

1. Fairtex Full Face Protector Headgear HG14

Head guards are essential for sparring in Muay Thai. One must keep their head safe and secure no matter how the practice session will turn out. The most sensitive parts like the nose, back of the head, the cheek, chin, mouth, and other areas are to be well-protected no matter what. Thus, this head guard does the job pretty well. The 0.5 kg head guard may be substantial, but it gives full coverage of the head without any chances of injury. Anyone with already a nose injury should opt for this head guard as it protects the nose the best. The nose and mouth are well guarded and reinforced with a metal plate inside to keep the structure in place. 

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Being a full-face style head guard, many may assume about the product having a particular issue, that is, a blind spot in the vision due the excessive coverage and padding. But fairtex muay thai head guards have a reputation of being well-designed to negate this defect most full-face head guards have. 


  • It is available in 3 sizes- M, L, and XL (52cm=/-2.5cm, 54cm=/-2.5cm, and 56cm=/-2.5cm respectively)
  • It does not compromise your peripheral vision and does not give a blind spot as it is well-designed
  •  Immense padding and coverage absorb every strike and blow to the head leading to no injury. 


  • The size may not be perfect and may be difficult to breathe through.

Price- $118.95- $124.00

Where to buy- Get your Fairtex Full Face Protector Headgear HG14 here 

2. Fairtex MG3 Gel Mouthguard 

This piece of equipment is an absolute essential in Muay Thai as it is a combat sport which keeps the head exposed to injuries no matter what. Thus, fairtex muay thai gears include this crucial protective gear that keeps the inside of your mouth safe from any bruises or cuts. One blow to the mouth can fracture the bones in your jaw or the bones that hold your teeth. Thus this gel mouthguard does a fantastic job of keeping your mouth secured. It is made of a rubber shock frame giving maximum protection to your jaw, teeth, and the brain. The Gel that lines the inside of the mouthguard helps your teeth sit comfortably on the mouthguard.

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  • The wave design of the mouthguard absorbs shock properly.
  • Gel-Fit Liner keeps the mouthguard in place.
  • Heavy-duty rubber shock structure gives proper protection. 
  • It is strapless


  • The molding process is a bit tedious. 

Price- $19.99

Where to buy- get your Fairtex MG3 Gel Mouthguard here 

3. Fairtex Microfiber Belly Pad BPV3

Belly Pads are essential as the abdomen is an area prone to a lot of severe injuries during combat sports like Muay Thai due to the knee strikes and front kicks. Thus, the fairtex muay thai is made with cowhide leather that can take up heavy-duty blows in muay thai. He belly pad is heavily padded and extra wide to enable additional protection. It is also made with material that is odorless and long-lasting. The material has plastic at the back and padding in front. The material is very light yet provides good protection from blows and strikes to the belly. 

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  • The belly pad is light yet provides heavy protection
  • It is made with odorless microfiber material
  • Padding in the front and back is excessively good at protecting. 


  • It is a bit expensive. 

Price- $119.95

Where to buy- Get your Fairtex Microfiber Belly Pad BPV3 here

4. Fairtex Elbow Pads 

Elbow pads are an essential item as protective gear in Muay Thai form of martial arts. fairtex muay thai has devised the best products and has been a good brand since 1917 in Thailand. The Fairtex Elbow Pads are such an item that is made with soft fabric material. It is also designed with high impact padding, helping the elbow pad to be a good absorber of shocks. The elastic loops at the ends of the cylindrical structure help the elbow pad to stay in place secured. It is also available in three colors- black, blue, and red in the market. 

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  • It has high impact padding to ensure safety
  • It is made of soft fabric.
  • It has an elastic loop at its ends to keep the elbow pad secured in its place. 
  • Available in three colors- blue, red, and black. 


  • It is available in one size only. 

Price- $38.95 

Where to buy- Get your Fairtex Elbow Pads here

5. Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts- BS0631,3L Light Blue

This made in Thailand product is something one forgets to write in a list of Muay Thai equipment. A proper breathable piece of clothing is needed to execute moves during this combat sport. This essential piece of fairtex muay thai equipment covers everything in the list with the inclusion of their range of shorts for Muay Thai. Made of satin material, the shorts are very comfortable to the skin. It is available in several sizes with a chart to determine which size you will be needing. Also, Fairtex has made the availability of the shorts in several colors as well- grey, black, red, etc. 

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  • Made with satin material
  • Free shipping
  • Available in several sizes


  • Availability is an issue. 

Price- $90.18

Where to buy- Get your Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts- BS0631,3L Light Blue here 

6. Fairtex SP3 In-Step Double Padded Protector Shin Pads 

Fairtex has created many shin guards, but this particular product stands firm to the best qualities it has. Made out of three layers of high impact foam core, long-lasting Syntek leather, the shin guard holds to its promises. The outer shell is hard, while the inner layer is soft to allow enough shock absorption and dispersion. The Shin or the front part of the leg is delicate and gets maximum injuries in combat sports. With no further worries, one can swear by this piece of fairtex muay thai equipment that keeps the leg protected. 

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  • They are designed with durable and long-lasting Syntek leather. 
  • Contoured and ergonomic design for excellent fittings
  • Heavily padded
  • Extended in-step with elastic band strap to maximize and secure fittings 
  • They are made with cotton stretch jeans to allow the guard to stay in place.


  • Dense padding can make the legs sweaty. 

Price- $79.95

Where to buy- get your Fairtex SP3 In-Step Double Padded Protector Shin Pads here 

7. Fairtex Superior Curved Kick Pads 

This fairtex muay thai equipment is made with a lot of care and precision. Going by the name, one can understand that the superior quality of the kick pads is fully justified. The Fairtex kick pads are a best-selling piece of equipment made with 100% real cowhide leather and heavy-duty padding. The ergonomic fit of this equipment allows the fittings to be perfect for anyone. It is effortless to hold. The above term is used as it is made with premium quality leather as well as padding with staps and forearm support. Thus, it is the best purchase in terms of kick pads available in the market. 

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  • Made with premium quality cowhide leather
  • Highly padded with durable padding material
  • Available in colors black and red. 
  • Ergonomic design with padded straps and forearm support


  • It has only one available standard size.

Price- $199.95

Where to buy- Get your Fairtex Superior Curved Kick Pads here 

8. Fairtex Thigh Pads

The fairtex muay thai thigh pads are considered to be the best for many reasons. They are designed to absorb any blow or kick without worrying about getting injured. The contouring and ergonomic design give it a solid shape. They fully cover the inner, middle, and outer portion of your thigh and has four different target points. A band attaches the thigh pads to the waist to give it a proper and secure fit. The hook and loop attachment to the hips holds the entire weight of the dense padding in your thigh pads securely is the USP. It also has a belly padding attached to it. 


  • Ergonomic design with maximum mobility
  • Three inches of foam padding
  • Belly pad too
  • Synthetic leather. 


  • The band that holds the thigh pads to the belly padding gets torn.

Price- $179.99

Where to Buy- get your Fairtex thigh pads here 

Buying Guide-

With all the essential fairtex muay thai equipment enlisted above, we must understand why these are essential. Not only are they coming from a good brand but also for the following reasons-

1. Quality-

The premium quality material used by Fairtex to make its products is the key to its popularity. Thus, the gear quality is something that has to be focused on essentially. The gear must not only look good. It needs to be long-lasting, loaded with good padding, ergonomic design, and material to enable the production of good quality products. 

2. Size- 

Several Muay Thai gears come in a universal or standard size and are adjustable, whereas, some gears come with different sizes that are either adjustable or non-adjustable. The first option seems like the best choice among the three but is to be chosen if and only if the material is good. The adjustable gears that come in different sizes are the best. However, opinions may differ. End of the day, looking at the size chart decides everything, which is why size charts are essential in shopping. 

3. Durability-

Just like quality, the durability of the material used in the Muay Thai gears is necessary. If they get easily worn out, then it becomes a problem as buying new equipment all the time is a loss. Make sure the gears are made with durable material. 

4. Price-

Price is a big factor. Sometimes it can be deceiving to the eyes of the common when they see a brand offering something at a higher price. If the brand suits you or you have used the brand earlier, you can trust them. Brands like Fairtex focus on Muay Thai and can be trusted when purchasing gear. 


Thus, a good piece of fairtex muay thai gear can take a Muay Thai practitioner a long way. These gears are essential and primary requirements during any Muay Thai training or competition. To avoid injuries, these gears have a special construct to absorb any shock from the strikes and blows to your body. Make sure the equipment has a warranty period and a good reputation in the market and among Muay Thai practitioners. Fairtex is a brand made in Thailand in 1971, especially for Muay Thai. You must not waste time in determining where to get the best products as you will find them all here.