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The Best Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards – A Durable Shock Absorber

fairtex muay thai shin guards

Muay Thai is one of the most well-known and respected forms of martial arts practiced today. The combat style originally hails from Thailand but is heavily practiced all across the world today. The martial art form has also had an immense influence on the western audience owing to its depiction in movies like Ong Bak.

It involves hand-to-hand combat, primarily using joints and bones as weapons. The combat form is also widely known as “the art of eight limbs,” owing to its utilization of the fists, elbows, knees, and shins as tools for striking and grappling. Due to such heavy usage of lethal attacking techniques, a muay thai enthusiast must be well equipped to avoid serious injuries. One must look for equipment that helps in shock absorption, and one that is well padded. 

The Fairtex muay thai shin guards are the best option in the market to protect your shins against lethal attacks. With these guards on, you can have endless sparring sessions without having to worry about injuries or other setbacks. The Fairtex brand comes from Thailand, and are reputed for developing exceptionally high quality, padded muay thai equipment that’ll serve you in all your fights and keep you safe. 


  1. Shipping Weight: 3 pounds
  2. Product Dimensions: 27 x 9 x 5 inches
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Fairtex – Brand Overview

Fairtex is a brand that hails from Thailand, the home of the art of muay thai. Fairtex opened its doors back in 1971 and has since then established dominance in muay thai gear in the market. They specialize in muay thai and MMA based fighting equipment. Some of their best selling products include shin-guards, thigh pads, bellying pads, shorts, kick pads, and heavy bags. Their products are incredibly durable and provide amazing shock-absorption, which is essential while sparring. Moreover, Fairtex products have mass goodwill in the martial arts world, with many reputed muay thai specialists recommending their products to young enthusiasts. All these factors combined make Fairtex a no brainer when it comes to procuring equipment for muay thai sparring.

The Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards – Features

The Fairtex muay thai shin guards are the best in the business when it comes to protecting your shins in combat. Most practitioners of muay thai recommend the product heavily, and there are good reasons why. Apart from the goodwill of Fairtex products in general, the Fairtex muay thai shin guards also bring a lot of unique features to the table. Let’s look at some of these features. 

  • The guards are incredibly lightweight for shin guards, thus allowing you to engage in kicks freely. But it’s also heavy enough to sustain any blows that may come your way. It strikes the right balance that allows you to engage in combat but, at the same time, not slowing your movements down. 
  • The Fairtex thai shin guards offer great padding that provides ample shock absorption against fatal blows. Such great padding allows you to use them even with a bruised leg or when you’re not in the best shape.
  • The guards have a larger size than most others on the market, thus providing more excellent coverage of your shin region to protect you against attacks. 
  • The guards are incredibly comfortable due to the immense padding on the inside, which allows you to spar for longer durations without bruises or scars. 
  • These guards come at a relatively affordable price when compared to other options out there on the market. 
  • These guards are available in multiple sizes, including medium and extra-large.
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Why Should you Choose the Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards? 

There are multiple reasons why the Fairtex muay thai shin guards are your best bet when it comes to protection against fatal attacks during sparring sessions. Some of these include: 

  • The primary reason you should choose the Fairtex muay thai shin guards is that it offers you immense flexibility. A combat sport like muay thai dictates that you must have flexibility in your body to be able to not only defend yourself but also efficiently attack your opponent. That is exactly what these guards provide. They are surprisingly lightweight for their size and offer great protection at such a lightweight form factor. 
  • Another reason to choose these guards would be that they are made of extremely high-quality materials and offer excellent durability.
  • These guards are manufactured by Fairtex, which is renowned for its contribution to the martial arts world. You can never go wrong with Fairtex due to its expertise in producing high quality and durable self-defense equipment. 
  • Fairtex undoubtedly always offers you products made with the latest technology available in the market, thus ensuring you get the best bang for your buck. 
  • The Fairtex muay thai shin guards offer excellent padding and comfort at a very affordable price. They are arguably the most value-for-money option in the market when it comes to muay thai equipment for shin defense. 
  • These guards are manufactured in Thailand, the home of muay thai, and are authenticated by famous muay thai professionals. Hence, they are the most reliable shin protectors that you can find at such an affordable cost.

Pros and Cons of the Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards 


  • The guards are affordable and offer great value for money. 
  • They provide excellent protection due to the padding they come with. 
  • They provide excellent coverage and cover your entire shin area as well as your legs as a whole. 
  • They are manufactured by Fairtex, who are the undoubted leaders in the martial arts self-defense equipment industry. 
  • They are lightweight for the size and offer great flexibility for free movement during combat.
  • The guards are made of extremely high-quality materials and are durable.


  • They only come in 3 sizes, medium, large, and extra-large. This makes it difficult for a person under 5’5″ to be comfortable wearing the guards. There is no flexibility in terms of size.
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Cost of the Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards

The Fairtex muay thai shin guards cost anywhere between $79.95 to $89.95.

You may order the guards online on Amazon.

How to Use The Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards? 

  1. First, wrap the guards comfortably around your legs covering the shin area.
  2. Then wrap the velcro straps around on both the back as well as the front.
  3. Try walking with the guards on to understand if you are comfortable wearing them or not.  
  4. A stretch foot strap is there in place, so don’t worry about the guards falling. Just ensure that your legs are perfectly in place and that you don’t feel any extra pressure. 
  5. That’s it. Now you’re ready to spar. 

Who can Use The Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards? 

Every muay thai enthusiast needs appropriate protection before engaging in the sport. Thus any muay thai enthusiast, be it an amateur or a more experienced fighter, can use these guards for protection. 

How Can One Order the Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards? 

You can order the Fairtex muay thai shin guards online on Amazon.

Customer Support

You can contact Fairtex in multiple, and they are very responsive, typically responding within 24 hours. If you have a nearby store, you may simply walk into one of their stores and get your job done. Else, you may approach them via phone or on their social media and website. 

Phone : (+662) 385-5149

FAX: (+662) 385-5403

Website for contact:



  1. My height is 6’2” which size of the guard should I opt for?

Extra Large (XL) should be the right fit for you. 

  1. I’m a heavyweight. Which size guard should I opt for? 

Try the extra-large (XL) size. If it feels too big for you, then opt for the large size (L).

  1. Are these competition shin guards? 

Yes, these are competition shin guards by Fairtex. 

  1. Do the guards offer to pad? 

Yes, the Fairtex muay thai shin guards offer excellent padding for your protection and comfort. 

  1. What kind of strap is available with the guards? 

You’ll get two velcro straps on the front as well as on the back. You’ll also get a foot strap to prevent it from slipping. 

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Fairtex is an extremely reliable brand with great goodwill in the market. You can never go wrong with any of their products. The Fairtex muay thai shin guards also fall into the same category. They are incredibly reliable and ensure optimum protection for your shin region while you battle it out in the arena. Considering the price point at which they are available, the Fairtex muay thai shin guards are the best option on the market at the price point. Recommended by leading muay thai experts, the guards are meant to last and will ensure that nothing stops you in your path to becoming a muay thai warrior. 

fairtex muay thai shin guards





  • Affordable
  • Excellent protection due to the padding
  • Provide excellent coverage.
  • They are lightweight for the size.


  • They only come in limited sizes.