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The Best Muay Thai Fairtex Headgear- Super Sparring Coverage

fairtex headgear

Muay Thai, a cultural martial art form hailing from the kingdom of Thailand, is a well-known combat sport that has been developed many hundreds of years ago. It involves close combatting between two people and uses body parts only as a weapon. A lot of Thai culture and heritage is included in this martial art form referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs.” The injuries involved in Muay Thai sparring can be fatal. However, these injuries are avoidable when you equip yourself with proper accessories that absorb all the hits. Whether it is a training session or not, one has to practice sparring that involves the elbow hitting one’s face to get a set of refined skills in Muay Thai. 

Thus, the Fairtex Super Sparring Headguard HG10 is the best Fairtex headgear available in the market for sparring that involves numerous injuries. The perfect cushioning and padding of the headgear with full coverage are made with good quality material. A brand like Fairtex, which is a Thai company in origin, makes its products credible and a reputable company. 

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1.     Shipping Weight- 1 pound

2.     Product Dimensions- 12 x 12 x 12 inches

3.     ASIN- B075T2BKWT

Overview of Fairtex as a Brand-

Fairtex, a brand of Thailand specialized in Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, boxing and clothing opened in the year 1971. Muay Thai practitioners always recommend everyone to buy Fairtex products for Muay Thai sparring. The quality of the material is excellent and long-lasting. They offer many items like shin-guards, thigh pads, bellying pads, shorts, kick pads, heavy bags, etc. Every user of Fairtex products has had a pleasant and fulfilling experience. Their products are specially made in Thailand and tested by Muay Thai experts to ensure safety and precision.

Features of the Fairtex Super Sparring Headgear HG10-

As the name suggests, This Fairtex headgear is a well-made product chosen by every Muay Thai practitioner, almost behaving like a ‘second skull.’ Let us look over the reasons why they prefer this product to others.

  • It provides you with a great deal of protection from injuries during sparring with its comprehensive coverage, shielding the cheeks, chin, ears, and forehead.
  • The padding of the forehead, backstrap as well as the chin is more compared to other headgears.
  • The headgear has a soft layering inside; it provides maximum comfort while it absorbs shock coming from outside. 
  • The headgear’s outer layer is made with hard material outside to take the brunt and blows form the injuries while not letting it travel to your head. 
  • The Fairtex headgear has a very soft and curvier chin protector to provide maximum comfort and protection to the throat.
  • It also has been designed to accommodate the ear protector, a windshield, to heighten safety.
  • It has been built with a unique multi-layered high-density foam core, which provides the utmost protection and absorbs shock or any strike of any intensity.
  • It is built in such a way that the vision is not compromised despite the padding and coverage.
  • It also has an adjustable back hook and loop closure, which is padded for the back of the head to provide maximum protection as well as a secure fit.
  • The closure of the Fairtex headgear on top is in the form by a lace-up that is adjustable.
  • It is available in sizes M, L, and XL with the following dimensions.

M- 52cm +/-2.5cm

L- 54cm +/-2.5cm

XL- 56cm +/-2.5cm

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Why Choose the Fairtex Super Sparring Headgear HG10?

  • The reason to choose this Fairtex headgear is that it is lightweight despite the multi-layered high-density foam core, which is meant for heavy-duty sparring.
  • The material is of high quality that is made of full grain 100% cowhide leather, making it a highly durable product that is strong.
  • Fairtex, as a brand, has served Muay Thai practitioners worldwide with premium-quality Muay Thai equipment that needs no advertising.
  • This pioneering brand keeps updating its products and offers you with the latest technology.
  • The Fairtex Super Sparring Headgear HG10 is a beautiful product made specifically for sparring.
  •  Most Headgears made for sparring tend to be heavy and awkward to move around in. But this Fairtex headgear is made with a multi-layered high-density foam core, the padding on the cheek, chin, forehead, and the back, yet it is lightweight and easy to move around in.
  • The material used is full grain 100% cowhide leather, which is durable and long-lasting. It can take any amount of kicks, punches and yet it won’t get worn out easily.
  • Being a product made in Thailand, you understand that no other brand will offer you so much credible and trustworthy products that will never fail to satisfy you.

Pros & Cons of the Fairtex Headgear

There are several Pros and Cons of this particular product that we must carefully look over-


  • Despite the intense amount of padding and coverage, this headgear has does not compromise with the vision through the headgear.
  • It is available in two colors from which you can choose- White and Black.
  • This headgear has the advantage of being adjustable from the top by laces and at the back by a hook and loop closure.
  • The Construction or built in this headgear is with 100% durable leather, including the interior part.
  • With the reputation of being the Super Sparring headgear, it is surprisingly lightweight, according to users.
  • The Fairtex headgear is available in three sizes- M, L, and XL.
  • Excellent stitching and leather construct
  • It also has a Velcro closure at the back.
  • It is made in Thailand and produced after proper investigation and testing of my professional Muay Thai experts.


  • The headgear is a bit stiff.
  • The size chart needs to be gone over several times to find the perfect fit.
  • The chin sometimes slips off if the fittings are not appropriate.
  • It is suitable for medium sparring.
  • It does not have a front bar to accommodate the protection of the nose.
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Cost of the Fairtex headgear

The cost of the Fairtex headgear is $111.90 to $129.99.

You will get the Fairtex Super Sparring Headgear HG10 on Amazon here.

How to Install the Fairtex headgear?

These are the steps to wear the Fairtex Headgear

  • Put it on over your head.
  • Push your face forward into the headgear.
  • Secure the hook and loop closure from behind first to make sure you get a secure fit. During this step, make sure the vision is not compromised.
  • To check if your vision is compromised or not, hang your head down a bit and look up to check the field of view. Adjust accordingly.
  • Make sure the chin padding does not dig at your throat, or it will restrict your breathing.
  • Tie the Laces on the top, and you are good to go.
  • Make sure you clean the headgear after every use with wet-wipes, or with disinfectant and tissue paper. 

Who can use the Fairtex headgear?

Muay Thai experts and practitioners suggest all amateurs use this headgear during medium sparring as it provides appropriate protection.

How to Order the Fairtex headgear?

One can simply get the Fairtex Super sparring Headgear HG10 online from Amazon click here. 

Customer Support

Customer support can either go to the store or contact the company via their website, and they will respond within 24 hours. They remain closed on Saturday and Sunday. Working hours are 9 A.M. to 7 P. M. every day except on Friday. (9 A.M. to noon.)

  • Telephone number- (+662) 385-5149
  • Fax – (+662) 385-5403
  • Contact them regarding your problem.
  • With the advent of social media, you can message them on their Facebook page and get your problems solved.


  • If I measure 7.5m in hat size, what headgear size do I opt for?

The size M is a good fit.

  • What kind of closure does the Fairtex headgear have?

It has a lace-up top, a hook, and loop and Velcro closure at the back.

  • Does the headgear protect the nose?

No, it does not protect the nose. It is not built with a front bar.

  • What color is it available in?

It can be found in both black and white.

  • What sizes are available?

It has three sizes- M, L, and XL.

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Since 1971, Fairtex as a brand has given a new life to the world of Muay Thai with its specialized equipment and line of gears to protect people from injuries as well as help them practice efficiently with premium quality equipment. Every Muay Thai expert and professional trusts this brand for the products they offer at good prices. If you ask anybody for the best headgear available in the market, they will always refer to the Fairtex headgear that is capable of a lot—built with amazing features to protect your head from any injury with excessive padding and multi-layered high-density foam core that does not compromise your vision at all. The sparring, no matter how hard with punches and elbow strikes, the Fairtex Super Sparring Headguard HG10, is the ultimate choice for all.

fairtex headgear





  • Does not compromise the vision even with intense padding.
  • It is adjustable.
  • 100% durable.
  • It is surprisingly lightweight.
  • It is available in three different sizes.


  • It is quite stiff.
  • The chin sometimes slips off.
  • No frontbar to help protect the nose.