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How To Choose The Best Heavy Bag Gloves For Muay Thai

best heavy bag gloves

Today we bring you basic information to buy the best heavy bag gloves depending on the type of training you are doing. There are many characteristics that we have to look at to choose the perfect Muay Thai gloves. The first thing we have to take into account is, for what type of training are we going to use the gloves for. The ideal would be to have different sizes of gloves to be able to use the ones that best fit each part of the training. 

In addition, it is essential to use a correct bandage, the most recommended is to use bandages of at least four meters and elastic, to ensure the necessary support, Yokkao bandages are designed to fit any size of the hand perfectly. The weight and size of the hand of the person who is going to use the gloves are also important, but as we mentioned before, the type of training is key to knowing which gloves to use, so we will focus the explanation on the type of training.

First, the most important

  • While in boxing gloves the hands are tight and the thumb is less exposed, in the Muay Thai gloves the palms are more open and the thumb is evident, making it possible to grab the opponent more easily.
  • Muay Thai gloves are generally made of polyurethane or genuine leather, the latter being more durable and more expensive.
  • One of the most important aspects of a Muay Thai glove is ventilation, which will be facilitated if it has a mesh panel.

Ranking: The 4 Best Muay Thai Gloves

Whether you are an experienced fighter or someone just starting out, it is important that you invest in gloves that protect your hand and, of course, in equipment that is effective in applying blows.

Below are some of the best Muay Thai gloves available on the market today.

1st – RDX Muay Thai Kickboxing Punch Bag Gloves

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If you want a good value for money punching bag glove, choose RDX. It is a high-end glove. It offers better resistance and performance thanks to its shock-absorbing gel foam padding and its leather covering.

This glove is very appreciated by everyone considering the quality of the padding and the technologies used. Indeed, the solidity and the performance of this product effectively protect the hands against possible accidents. It has a versatile character due to its robust and very solid design.

So, you can count on this glove if you want to have a glove that can accompany you for a good time and support all workouts. It is technically perforated to allow better ventilation and breathability while you exercise. In addition, anyone practicing MMA, Muay, Thai, kickboxing, fighting, etc. can use the RDX glove. It is available in standard color, black/white.


  • It is of top quality
  • Protects the hand bones
  • Reduces hand moisture


  • Low durability


2nd – Adidas Muay Thai Training Glove

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The Adidas Training line is an excellent option for quality seekers since it is produced with the latest technology and excellent materials.

This glove is made of high-performance synthetic leather, and its I-Protech technology with injected foam and gel protection ensures that the blows are more powerful and safe.


  • Modern design and materials
  • Superior leather


  • Moisture retention which leads to lots of smell
  • Boasts of new technology with nothing much seen


3rd – Pretorian Elite Muay Thai Training Glove

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This glove features MESH technology, which helps increase ventilation and reduces odors, giving the team greater durability. In addition, HSA (High Shock Absorption) technology guarantees shock absorption.

Its internal finish offers greater comfort and the hands adjust more easily. This glove is designed for high-performance athletes and is one of the highest quality and most durable products available on the market.


  • Easily adjustable
  • 100% shock absorption
  • Low moisture retention


  • Short Lifespan
  • Loses quality and design after a few sessions


4th – Muay Thai Naja Glove

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This Muay Thai glove was developed with NJHP (Naja High Protection) technology, which offers high movement performance, maximum protection and great comfort during training.

Its unique design with vibrant colors is also one of the reasons why many fighters choose this product.


  • Great performance capabilities
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Requires frequent cleaning to maintain design
  • Low ventilation


Buying Guide

What is the Difference Between Muay Thai Gloves and Boxing Gloves?

Although they have a similar appearance, these gloves are quite different from each other, since while in boxing the hand is closer, the Muay Thai gloves allow the hands to be more open.

This facilitates the application of blows to Muay Thai since this sport requires the fighter to grab the opponent (clinch) to launch the kicks and knees.

The thumbs also have different positions on these gloves, since while in boxing they are as close as possible to the other fingers to avoid hurting you, in Muay Thai they are looser to allow opponents to be caught.

Polyurethane or Genuine Leather? What Material to Choose?

When looking for Muay Thai gloves, you will generally find two types of materials: genuine leather and polyurethane.

Genuine leather is a more durable material that provides better ventilation for gloves, which means you won’t get strong perspiration odors very easily. The downside is that they are more expensive.

Gloves that are made of polyurethane, also known as PU, are cheaper and of lower quality, but can be a good option for those just starting out in sports.

How Does Cleaning Muay Thai Gloves Work?

One of the most important things about Muay Thai gloves is hygiene since they must be fresh and clean after each workout you do.

First, you must clean the glove with a flannel on the outside to remove any traces of sweat, dust, blood, etc.

To clean the inside of the Muay Thai glove, you can apply baking soda when they are dry and let it sit for two hours. Then just hit the glove to remove the dust and voila.

One tip to keep sweat from building up in gloves is to wear bandages, which in addition to providing additional protection for your hands, also prevent direct skin contact with the equipment, helping to prevent sweat build-up.

How Much?

Muay Thai gloves generally cost between $70 and $500, and you should be very careful when choosing very cheap gloves as the quality of their material may be lacking and could end up injuring your hand.

If these products have poor quality, this will end up reflecting the durability, which will be less, which will end up having to buy other Muay Thai gloves sooner than you thought.

Where To Buy?

The best heavy bag gloves for Muay Thai can be purchased online at stores such as Amazon, Netshoes, eBay among others. You will find many quality products on these sites.

If you want to buy Muay Thai gloves in person, you can search for physical stores that specialize in sporting goods.


Now that you’ve got your nest heavy bag gloves out of the way, maybe you’re ready to choose an awesome heavy bag to beat, or a speed bag to go to town on, go ahead and settle in – and choose even your own boxing gym at home using this guide.