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5 Best Muay Thai Gloves for Kids

best muay thai gloves for kids

When your kids are training for Muay Thai, you definitely look forward to seeing them as the next champion. To ensure your kid gets an undefeated match, then need to safeguard the hands with best Muay Thai gloves for kids. 

While safety remains the paramount concern of every parent, it is necessary to take adequate measures to ensure that the gloves you choose for your kids will guard their hands against any kind of harm. Also, it is imperative for a good set of gloves to not only take care of the hands but also the wrists hence the mentioned below list of gloves are best for kids. 

List of Best Muay Thai Gloves for Kids

The durability, comfort, and cost are essential before choosing the perfect gloves. While choosing gloves for kids it is important to get the perfect size as it matters more than weight. If the size is not perfect then the techniques might not fall right during the match and it could prove to be a disadvantage.

1. RDX JBG Gloves

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The RDX gloves stand out in the world of sports when it comes to combat. These gloves are made for kids with an exceptional quality product, that helps to keep it aligned with what one would demand from this brand.

The gloves are made out of hard-wearing leather of Maya hide while these 6oz weighing gloves are good enough for a broad range of age groups. This is best Muay Thai gloves for kids as it can benefit kids during their competition and also during their training sessions.

The gloves are outfitted with the technology of QD-1 lining which is otherwise used for sweat evaporation and ease in close-fitting. The EVA-LUTION foam is contoured to help align fist to the curvature and encourage the formation of the punch rather than limit it.


  • A Variety of colors are available – Suitable for all tastes!
  • Padding is dense latex and knuckle protection are shock-absorbing
  • Easy to take on and off with the help of wrist design made of elastic
  • Long-lasting gloves due to its construction of leather by Maya Hide
  • Ventilation is good enough to keep kids’ hands-free from sweat


  • Stitching may need improvement

2. Farabi Gloves

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Farabi has been producing a wide range of high-quality output that turns out to be the best Muay Thai gloves for kids. It offers a great fit, design, and manufacturing quality combined.  The gloves are made keeping priority to protect kids’ hands.

These are hard wearing and also pretty comfortable to wear with additional attention to the details when it comes to styling the gloves. There are colors available in a wide range to select. The gloves have antimicrobial palms that ensure its breathable feature that helps to reduce the smelling and sweating.

The triple-layered foam will ensure that it will disperse energy along with being effectively shock absorber. These stylish gloves will help your kids to look more appealing and your child will be able to express well while performing the match. The gloves are easy to maintain and clean compared to other regular gloves.


  • The gloves are made keeping durability in mind
  • It is designed with synthetic leather of Hard-K for protection
  • The mold of H-J Tri provides additional protection
  • Breathable gloves to keep away the sweat and smell
  • Various styles and colors are available to choose
  • Additional secure fit with closure at looped wrist
  • Hard-wearing with help of duo stitching


  • Could be stronger

3. ISLERO Gloves

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The first glance of the gloves makes many kids want it as the eye-catching design that is based on the Spiderman theme is great for young fighters. The theme of the gloves is well-designed and suggest many young fighters towards their aim. 

Besides design, these gloves are accompanied by more boasting features that can be benefitted during the training or competition makes it best Muay Thai gloves for kids. While there are not multiple designs to choose from, there are three categories weighs that can choose this design such as 8oz, 6oz, and 4oz.  

The wide availability of the weight category ensures that it can suit various age ranges. These gloves are at the low price range and still they are being acknowledged by the users very well. There are palm holes available that have mesh interior in-built which provides ventilation to dry the sweat instantly. To support the wrist and get a tight-fitting, the gloves are enabled with a secure strap.


  • Nubuck REX Maya leather construction along with synthetic Teflon heavy duty
  • High-density Multi-layered core foam along with gel Protection
  • A good amount of ventilation with the help of Mesh interior


  • There is only one design available.

4. ONEX Gloves

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The ONEX offers a more basic range of gloves that are simple and yet effective during the training and match. These gloves will provide you with value for the money spent as you can use it for any session, be it training, basic competition, or sparring.

There are various options to choose from in terms of colors while there offers only one weigh of 6oz. It is recommended to check the size properly before placing an order. The resistance of the leather PU uses high hydrolysis that has the capability to stay strong while there is a tear, hydrolysis, and corrosion.

It is a hand-stitched and filled with foam for the absorption of shock. There is a Velcro strap for the enclosure at the wrist along with the protection your child requires for not only wrist but also shoulders. Its ergonomic design makes it the best Muay Thai gloves for kids that comforts their hands and allows them to have a proper fist.


  • Cost-effective for users looking to have basic gloves
  • Construction of the gloves are durable
  • Dual Protection
  • Multiple layer padding is available for knuckle with gel lined
  • Padding molded with injection
  • Synthetic leather is used to build these gloves


  • There is only one weigh available 6oz
  • Limited sizes

5. Venum Contender Gloves

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The best equipment is required to ensure that the future champions get what they deserve. This is the reason Venum Contender is best Muay Thai gloves for kids as it is ideal to introduce them to the training. The gloves are made with leather that is premium synthetic and curved anatomic helps it to get shaped perfectly.

It also adapts kids’ hands accurately. There are multi-density padding of foam considering kids’ comfort along with the safety measures keeping aligned. There is a Velcro strap placed for closure at the wrist to ensure that the grip is never too loose or tight to make your child uncomfortable.

These gloves are highly recommended because of their strict measures to check the quality of the gloves that are made in the country of Muay Thai itself, Thailand. Venum happens to be the most reliable brand when it comes to fighting sports.


  • Premium leather that is of synthetic material is used to make these gloves
  • System of Velcro closure works in the favor
  • Various sizes are available
  • Return policy is great if ordered via Amazon
  • Quality control check is strict
  • Reliability of the brand


  • Limited design
  • It is pricey compared to basic gloves

Wrap Up:

There are various types of gloves available for kids in the market while choosing the perfect one might be a task. There are certain aspects one should consider before buying gloves and to understand what makes Best Muay Thai Gloves for Kids, one needs to check on features mentioned above.

Protection, durability, comfort, brand, and then cost are the most important aspects to consider. Once you are sure about your kids’ love for the Muay Thai, it is also important to ensure that they proceed safely. This can be assured only when you buy good quality equipment for the future champ!

Gloves that are able to stay long in their hands make an impact on not only their training but also the final competitions. Kids will hit the bags, pads, and also the opponents hence it is advisable to spend wisely before choosing any equipment, especially when it comes to gloves.